Emoticons are the funny little faces and phrases people use when they are casually txting or emailing each other. Examples of these little things are the basic smiley face ----> : ), the super smiley face -----> :D, and the frown
-----> : (. Remember when using these that they are only apropriate when talking to freinds, never when talking to your boss. This goes the same for abbreviations, which are shorthanded words used when also txting and email. Such as LoL, which means laugh out loud, and ROFL, which mean rolling on the floor laughing. In any case be sure only to use these when you would use them in front of a freind, since the person you are talking to cant tell if you are serious or not.

ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing

LOL - Laugh out loud

TTYL - Talk to you later

GTG - Got to go

FYI - For your information

TMI - To much information

BRB - Be right back

HTH - Hope that helps

TF - To funny

YAH - You are hilarious 
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