There  is always a time when one must move on, and leave his current duties behind him in order to move on to something better, more elaborate, and challenging. This is what is currently happening to me. I must move on from Basic Computers so that I may move on to something better. This will sadly be my last blog post in thsi course, and I am pressed to say this is a little upsetting. In this course, I have discovered many hidden skills in computers and programming. Having been in this course I am able to say that I have enjoyed it very much. I love the teachers idea to use money for grading points, because it makes a much more lively atmosphere. I also enjoy that we get to work at our own pace, for I am a faster person at computers and I think it helps those people like me to be able to move on to more difficult things. I think this class met my expectation very well and I would easily recommend this to other people had it been an optional course. I hope that throughout Middle school and High school I will be able to get further involved in programming and designing. The best and final thing I have to say about this course is the creativity. No one person's course is quite the same, which makes it that more exciting. Once again, this is my final post, and I have enjoyed this opportunity, very much

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